Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pasadena Redux (As in Attempt # deux)

So I’ve been meaning to write about my experience at Pasadena Marathon Redux, the inaugural but second attempt at a marathon in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA. The first attempt in November was cancelled due to poor air quality resulting from the fall fire storms. I had only planned on joining as a spectator back then but when the run was rescheduled to March 15, I decided to join in myself for the 5K.

Based on the two weeks leading up to the 15th, race day should have been beautiful – Clear, sunny, not too warm. And even when the forecast predicted rain the day before, I’m sure everyone involved hoped it would just be a drizzle and nothing more. But the day started out dark, gloomy and rainy, and the rain stopped only briefly (during my race thankfully). The marathoners and half-marathoners had to run in thundering spouts of rain which eventually cleared up as the day progressed. They were prepared in rain gear and the can-do attitude runners have.

There were sponsors and exhibitors and even a stage featuring musical performances - But I didn't stick around much longer after I saw the winner of the half-marathon. In fact, I was standing next to him after his win as we huddled with a bunch of others under one of the canopied-shelters as a momentary reprieve from being soaked.

This first attempt at a Pasadena race has had a lot of obstacles. This includes lack of organization in the wee hours of the early morning where a throng of driving runners (myself included) had no idea where to park and were given no guidance by the traffic coordinators.

The last race I had done was the Frontrunner's Pride 5K in June, so it had been a while since I participated in any kind of competitive run. So despite the problems (which also included a house catching on fire nearby!), it was just nice to be out. I find runners to be very positive people - on race day at least - and I definitely got some good energy from them. Even though I didn't make my goal time, I proudly hang my medal from my car rear view mirror. Hopefully, I'll have one from the LA Marathon hanging next to it soon.

I did the Bruin 5K a couple of weeks ago and have the Victory for Victims 8K in Lake Balboa this Sunday. Maybe one day a marathon in the Valley? Hmmm....if Pasadena can do it, I'm sure the San Fernando Valley can too!

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